Meet the Team

We are pleased to introduce our core team here at Litter Logger . Each one of our people is passionate about our mission and upholding our values. Litter Logger was founded by likeminded people looking to instill awarenss and positive environmental impact in communities. By means of introduction, please meet our team! We are keen to share our passion and drive towards our goal of a cleaner, greener, place to live.

Gareth Kirk – Founder, Director

” I have been inspired to by the great people mentioned on this page to make a difference, take action and do something. Litter Logger started as a response to an everyday need, the need to take ownership for where you are. It started when the “Environment Champion Network at work challenged us to pickup 5 litter items a day for 5 days. That week opened my eyes to how much letter there is, and changed the way I see the world. That week I took ownership of my walk home and was delighted to see the effect it had. I felt like I owned “that path”, “those stairs”, “that shrubbery” that way home. Since then I have desired to put my talents and skills to giving many people the same experience and pleasure of “owning” a piece of their city. Ultimately giving people the recognition they deserve for serving their communities, their city, their country and our world.

Cara Leigh Brown – Co Founder, Trustee, Project Lead

“Taking care of the environment ensures the availability of natural resources for future generations. At Litter Logger we believe taking environmental responsibility is a fundamental civic duty of all individuals and groups. Most people live in the here and now, and often don’t exercise foresight. Such thinking has been at the root of destruction of every civilization that has come and gone. Our culture and our economy are infused with gross consumerism that leads to waste that threatens our eco systems, but times are changing.  
The Litter Logger project focuses on community, self-awareness and working together cohesively to look after the planet we call our home. I am proud to be part of a movement that aims to bring people together in solidarity to reach a common goal – cleaner, safer spaces for everyone to thrive!  
These are driving forces behind my own involvement in Litter Logger, as the project drives home the very important reminder – this planet belongs to all of us, lets try to keep it clean.  
Happy logging!  
Cara Leigh

Sarah Krajovska – Creative Digital Lead

“Ever since I can remember I felt a great passion for art and creation, which eventually led me to discover graphic design. I was so intrigued by this immense concept which engulfs the everyday life of us all. Naturally I followed my path to study graphic design at university. It wasn’t long before I felt intoxicated by the dark side of this discipline. The pretty graphics which conceal the sickening truths of the destruction of our natural environments. The pretty packaging which piles up in toxic landfills, floods our oceans and slowly but consistently kills the most innocent lives. The packaging we only notice in supermarkets, yet our they swamp our pavements, parks and back yards. No matter who you are or what you do, we all have a choice. We either contribute towards the end of humanity and nature as we know it or we fight to save it. So here I am, using my skills and passion in an endeavor to make the world a better place.

Danielle Cleeland – Social Media Officer

“The environment is something I have always been passionate about. I grew up learning about wildlife and nature from my Dad. We went on walks through the Lake District and saved and help to rehabilitate a number of injured wild animals. At school, I helped to run an Eco Club, promoting sustainable living and helping the school to gain the Green Flag Award. I have always recognised the importance of nature, and doing whatever possible to protect it. Our charity focuses strongly on everyone’s ability to make a difference in their local area by contributing to litter picks and making positive change to their local environment. Not only could this save animals from eating inedible and life threatening rubbish, it’s also an opportunity for people to make their local area a more beautiful place, and to become part of a wider community which is great.