Pre-launch Testers Needed

We need testers to try the Litter Logger App

If you have a android account, or have an Apple phone, you can sign up to be a tester. We are needing People to Sign up and give their feedback through Google Play and Apple’s Testflight testing platforms, or direct through email.

Our Request:
Please use the contact us page on the website to reach out and request to be added as a tester. This is your opportunity to join up and help shape Litter Logger App for the better.

Details We Need:

Name & Surname
Google/Apple email
Individual / Organisation (organisation email address – to register the organisation)

What will I need to Test?

  1. Login (apple / Google or direct email)
  2. Create a Team / Request to Join a team
  3. Await for approval
  4. Continue to log litter, log picked up litter.
  5. Does the graph work well
  6. Feedback on user expierence

How do I give Feedback?

You can either use contact form on the website, or directly through Test Flight/Google Play.

Any More Testing?

Litter Logger also has a unique way of aggregating data across the map. This is currently in pilot so you may need more information on how to use the graph. If you would like to find out where is the best place to find dense litter, you can use the heatmap. BUT!!! this is not yet calibrated for many users, so will continue to work over time. Please contact us and let us know if you want to try out the heatmap.

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