World Wetlands Day

The 2nd of February marks 23 years since World Wetlands Day was established in 1997.

Our wetland areas are one of the most productive habitats on earth – vital for a number of species of birds, amphibians and mammals. Not to mention they support the cultivation of rice, a staple for half the worlds diet. While simultaneously providing water filtration, storm protection and flood control to humanity.

Without our wetlands cities will spend millions treating their citizens water, and deal with the financial, as well as physical destruction brought with flooding that our wetlands could have prevented.

More than 476,000 acres of wetlands have been protected through the Ramsar Convention – the only treaty world wide devoted to protecting the unique eco system. 🤝

We invite you to join us in doing our bit in reducing our plastic usage – saving our wetlands for future generations 🌎

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