New Year’s Resolutions

On reflection, 2019 was a good year for climate awareness. Documentaries like Blue Planet 2 helped to ignite a spark in people worldwide, with millions marching in Global Climate Strikes to encourage global action to avert the climate the crisis. The European Union committed to a ban on a wide range of single use plastic items including straws and cotton buds, which is to be put in place by 2021. And renewable forms of energy surpassed fossil fuels in the UK for the first time to become the countries biggest source of electriciry.

But in order to continue this positive action, we need to make changes on an individual level. What better way to kick off the new year, than with an environmental New Year’s Resolution. This is the perfect opportunity to commit to reducing your carbon footprint, and starting to live more sustainably.

Here are a few helpful resolutions you could make for a more environmentally friendly life;

Recycle wherever possible, if you don’t already do so. Remember, that everything you put into recycling needs to be clean, and check with your local councils to see what they can recycle.

Take a leaf out of our book and go out litter picking. This can be in your local area, or even in the form of a beach clean. Take photos to show the differenceyou made to your community and hopefully inspire others to make the change. In the new year we will be launching our LitterLogger app in order to help with this.

Use less single use plastic by investing in reusable bottles and Tupperware. Not only willyou help the planet, you’ll also save some money. You could also invest in things like Bees Wax wraps (a favourite of Litter Logger) to move away from using cling film and tin foil to wrap foodwith.

To reduce your carbon footprint, shop locally. As well as cutting down on the distance your food and produce needs to travel to get to you, you will also be supporting local businesses.

Travel more by foot, cycling or public transport. You’ll cut down on your carbon footprint, and reduce the number of cars onthe road.

These are just a few suggestions from us at Litter Logger, if you have any other ideas for sustainable resolutions, we would love to know them. Respond to our post on social media with your Environmental New Years resolution.

Here’s to a wonderful and green 2020!

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