Litter Logger

Litter Logger is an app used to help individuals make difference in their communities, and influence positive environmental impact. Our app highlights problem areas and collects relevant waste data which is then passed on to local authorities to reduce the cost of managing waste and targeting areas in need of attention.

How to Log

  • Download the app from the Apple or Play stores respectivly (not yet released)
  • Read and Aggree to terms and conditions (Privacy can be located at foot of page when viewing in web browser or smartphone)
  • Choose a public Name and Profile image
  • Choose/Add a Team you want to be associated with
  • Start logging/picking
  • See what level you can get to!

Our Message

Why be a Litter Logger

Local authorities in the UK alone spend one billion on cleaning up public spaces. Our goal is to facilitate a city that spends no budget clearing waste from our streets. A city without rivers polluted with plastic and waste. Streets with no dog waste or cigarette ends on the pavement, with no risk of children falling injured in parks and green spaces as a result of broken glass, with its green areas lush with plants, not surrounded by litter.

We hope to inspire an environment in where each resident has a culture of taking responsiblity and ownership for their part of the city – the areas they live, work and play in. People with a sense respect for the city, its walkways, streets, rivers, parks and people ultimately wherever they go.

One Formula

Effort = Energy * Time
Time is Money
Energy is People/Work

It is About Reducing Effort

We believe it starts here and now. We are creating a way to measure and reduce the effort when it comes to dealing with litter. This opens doors to spending city resources in more constructive ways, e.g. more funds freed up for schools and local businesses

The Cost

We need your help. We need every-day people to sign up and make a difference. Everyone is needed and anyone who wants to make a positive change is welcome. We encourage you to not just be a resident of your city, but a citizen, and take ownership to level up and eventually become a guardian of your city.

Our Partners

We invite likeminded organisations to sign up and work with us to help reduce their costs by supplying the relevant data – so that problem areas are targeted for investment.

We invite you to join us in the vision of changing our communities for the better.

Our Future

Our vision is to get better at what we do by driving postive change in creative ways that impact positive change. We aim to utilise tomorrows technology today to change the way in which people interact and take ownership within communities to incite improvements to shared spaces.

The Direction

We want to encourage positive change in all areas of society. It is well known that a healthy environment is key for healthy living. Increased self-value and respect help increase community, increased community creates a strong city resiliant to life’s challenges. We want to improve the way people see themselves and each other.

Our aim is to idenitify problems and find solutions. We want use investment in creating creative solutions to educate, and encourage positive change in areas that are in need of support.

Lets change your home, your area, your city, your country, your world, for the better.

A cleaner, greener, future for everyone!


We are a charitable organisation looking to influence positive change within communities by creating awareness of the impact waste is having on our environment and economy, simultaneously promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility in individuals living in these areas.

We have developed an app available via iOS and Andriod (not yet released), that allows people to highlight where litter is, raise alerts to bigger issues such as fly tipping and log when communities come together to clear areas. The foundation of the idea being to help individuals have a sense of achievement as they level up and unlock rewards – while benefiting the environment and communities they live in.

The first step to a solution is being aware of the problem. There are many organisations doing admirable work to clean up our communities, we need to know how much is being done where, and areas that require attention.

The key to being successful is being informed, as the saying goes, Knowledge is power. The power to know, is the power to change. Countries need to be aware of where problems areas are, the root of the issues and how to resolve them.

At its core, Litter Logger is cloud sourcing data app that allows environmental data to be gathered and then utilised by relevant organisation authorities i.e. local councils to impact positive change within their communities.


Contact & Support

Please use our support ticket system if you need help. This can be found on the Submit Ticket in the menu.

How To

Coming Soon … here will post videos on using the App once it is launched.


We would appreciate any feedback you have on the app. Please feel free to recommend features that you feel would be important to add through the support ticket process as well.

Thank you for using Litter Logger App.

Let’s make this world a better place.